Our range of DMX controllers brings your lighting installations to life, transcribing your creative visions with unrivalled ease and precision.

A DMX controller for all your installations

Precision and excess in DMX

With our DMX controllers, your lighting installation knows no limits. Our D2V devices allow you to multiply DMX universes and create large-scale installations, while precisely controlling every element of your lighting system.

Unlimited creativity

Our simulation software lets you discover the full potential of your DMX installation. Design, adjust and visualize your animations to exploit the full potential of your lighting installations.

How it works Stand-Alone and RDM configuration

It can be used for live shows and discos, as well as for architectural applications, and can operate as a stand-alone unit or be configured via RDM, for perfect adaptation to all your needs.

Our DMX controllers


Animate up to 800 RGB dots


Create and precisely control DMX universes for your largest installations


Animate your small installations with DMX universes


The ally for small installations in stripled configuration

Our DMX controllers offer ease of use, flexibility and total control over your lighting installations.

Ease of use: simplified installation and operation

Ease of use is a major advantage of our DMX controllers. They adapt easily to your DMX network, promising rapid set-up and simplified management. This ease of operation frees you from technical constraints, allowing you to focus more on the creative aspects of your lighting installations.

Flexibility: adaptability to every scenario

The flexibility of our DMX controllers is demonstrated by their ability to lend themselves to a variety of installation scenarios. Whether for individual, series or mobile operations, these devices are designed to meet a wide range of technical and functional requirements. They open up a host of creative possibilities for managing your lighting environments.

Mastery: total control over your lighting

The control offered by our DMX controllers means precise, comprehensive control of your lighting installation. The simulation software, hosted on a general control PC or any other PC of your choice, gives you total accessibility. This allows you to explore, innovate and impress, while always having control over the realization of your luminous vision.

You're in the driver's seat, with all the tools you need to explore, innovate and impress.

Our custom DMX tools

To illuminate all your installations and bring your project to life, we develop that missing technical element and turn your imagination into reality.

Our DMX controllers :
your projects

Our D2V DMX controllers are more than just lighting equipment; they’re an invitation to push back the boundaries of what’s possible in the world of digital lighting. Your projects are the best proof of this.

With D2V, transform every space into a spectacular stage, every vision into a vibrant reality of color and dynamism. Join us on this luminous adventure and let your creativity shine like never before!