DMX lighting control with D2V

Born of the successful collaboration between FATEC and DRINELEC under the aegis of the DMXTOOLBOX project, the Dmx2Vegas is the expression of decades of DMX lighting expertise. It’s much more than a tool, it’s your partner in transcending the ordinary and creating the extraordinary.

D2V: complete DMX lighting control

Our D2V product range gives you total control over your DMX lighting installation.

Strategic position

Place our D2V modules as close as possible to your equipment and watch the magic happen. Proximity enhances responsiveness and ensures perfect synchronization, opening up a world of creative possibilities.

Operational flexibility

With D2V devices, simplicity meets performance. They can operate in stand-alone mode or in a universe, with a master device harmoniously orchestrating the lighting effects on the slave devices. This configuration makes creating breathtaking light shows effortless.

Our DMX lighting control software

Dive into the fascinating world of creative lighting with our revolutionary effects generator.

DMX lighting control and configuration

Optimize your system architecture with unprecedented ease. Simply enter information on the number of lines and lengths, and the software guides you through hardware selection and module configuration.

Simulate your DMX lighting

Discover a virtual creative workshop where your ideas come to life. Generate animations from a rich library of pre-existing effects, save your settings and adjust parameters in real time. Various effects such as chases, sparkles, static and dynamic effects, flames and much more become brushes in your hands for painting with light.

D2V is the product range for designers, innovators and all those who express their creativity through light. With DMX2Vegas, the only limit is your imagination.

Evolving handling

For novices, start with the first 8 channels, then work your way up to Master Command, exploring effects and configurations one by one. And when you’re ready, dive into the infinite possibilities.

Total control at your fingertips

With software hosted on the main control PC or on any other PC of your choice, you have total control over your lighting installation. The intuitive interface lets you manage, modify and visualize your lighting configurations with disconcerting ease.