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Discover all our DMX controllers in the DMX2Vegas range: a symphony of innovations designed to bring your lighting visions to life.

Discover our
D2V range

Every product in our D2V range is a technical masterpiece for orchestrating impressive lighting effects with incomparable precision and flexibility.


The orchestra leader

Our D2V-DMX DMX controller, operating in slave mode, hosts two DMX universes, simplifying the management of multiple light lines. What’s more, it has the ability to automatically dispatch effects to each D2V-STRL, while offering additional channels for special effects. This makes D2V-DMX a precise and reliable conductor for your light show.


Towards a captivating light show

With 8 WS2812 outputs, the D2V-STRL DMX controller is your magic wand for animating up to 800 RGB points. Organize these points of light in a single line, or spread them across several outlets, to create a dynamic canvas of light and color.


In the world of the great

Bring your installation to life with ambition thanks to our D2V-SPIRIT W DMX controller. Create DMX universes that can be controlled and configured in Stand Alone mode, even for small installations, and delight your audience.


Wonder for all

Our D2V-SPIRIT U DMX controller puts the spotlight on small LED installations. It is compatible with all DMX networks and can be configured in Stand Alone mode. In short, D2V SPIRIT lets everyone create wonder and light up your installations.

DMX controllers for
all the projects

Our DMX controllers offer you unrivalled flexibility of mounting and configuration to suit all your projects.

Configuration stripleds

Our D2V range:
power and flexibility

Microcomputers integrated into our DMX controllers

Each output of the D2V-DMX and D2V-STRL devices hosts a microcomputer. Thanks to this distributed intelligence, each module is able to manage lighting effects autonomously, offering exceptional flexibility and precision in control.

Simplified configuration

The DMX2Vegas range is synonymous with simplicity and efficiency. Use the simulation software and USB-DRM cord to easily program the number of stitches per line to suit your needs. What’s more, the RDM tab is your command center for configuring maps and programming addresses, making setup a smooth and intuitive task.

ECO and PRO modes

Opt for “ECO” mode for simplified management, or switch to “PRO” mode for a deeper exploration of RGB possibilities. With DMX2Vegas, you’re in total control, whether your project is large or small.

The DMX2Vegas range is more than a suite of products; it's an invitation to explore a universe where every light and color is at your command. It's your playground to create, experiment and amaze.