Your lighting design installations

Explore the fascinating world of lighting design through our iconic creations, where technology meets art to create enchanting atmospheres.

Lighting design for
entertainment world

Light is a crucial element in the world of entertainment, capable of transforming the atmosphere and elevating the visitor experience to a new level. Our work in clubs such as Caves du Roy (83) and Casino La Mamounia illustrates the magic of lighting design. Thanks to our 50-pointed star, we were able to animate the central structure and create a vibrant, enchanting atmosphere.

Your DMX installations in
architectural lighting design

Transform ordinary spaces into visual masterpieces with our expertise in architectural lighting design.


Outdoor lighting goes beyond simple illumination to enhance and beautify outdoor spaces, creating all kinds of atmospheres. In this way, it highlights the natural beauty of gardens and architectural structures, while offering safe navigation in the dark. A striking example of our expertise in this field is the creation of illuminated trees, where our DMX installations have transformed simple trees into luminous works of art. The result is an enchanting, welcoming atmosphere and a memorable visual experience.


The interior, with its architecture and furnishings, offers a unique canvas for lighting design. Well thought-out lighting can enhance architectural elements to create a warm, functional atmosphere. For example, at Bowling d’Echirolles (38) and La Tête dans les nuages (Paris), our DMX solutions have created captivating luminous stars that enrich the gaming experience.

Lighting design for events

Create unforgettable, captivating moments with innovative lighting.

Light design for all your events

Lighting plays a key role in the success of events, by creating unique, impactful atmospheres. Our DMX solutions enable unprecedented customization, bringing a touch of magic to your events.

Lighting design for shows

In the world of entertainment, lighting design is a silent but powerful storyteller. It sets the mood, directs attention and evokes emotions, transforming a performance into an immersive experience. Our DMX solutions provide the precision and flexibility that allow stage designers to sculpt lighting to perfection. More precisely, they control every spotlight and shadow so that they contribute to the visual narrative of the show, or even play with the light.

Light design for concerts

Music and light are partners in creating memorable concert experiences. Well-orchestrated lighting can amplify the energy of a live performance, creating an emotional resonance with the audience. The 2017-2018 Vianney tour is an eloquent example of this synergy.

Lighting design for communities

Our DMX control solutions enable communities to illuminate urban spaces, bringing a breath of life and color into the darkness. The play of light enriches the urban experience, making cities more pleasant and safer.

Custom lighting design with our DMX controllers

Our DMX controllers are the heart of the customized solutions we offer. We work closely with our customers to understand their creative visions, and strive to turn them into luminous realities. Whether for permanent installations or ephemeral events, our technical expertise combined with a collaborative approach ensures that every lighting design project is as unique as your imagination.